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Terms and Conditions

Please read through carefully before making your booking.

Great Ouseburn Village Hall January 2022

These Terms & Conditions govern all aspects of the way in which users make use of Great Ouseburn Village Hall.


1. Introduction

1.1. In these Terms and Conditions, certain words and phrases have the following meanings:

(a) “The Committee” means Great Ouseburn Village Hall Management Committee

(b) “The Hall” means Great Ouseburn Village Hall

1.2 The Hall is available for hire for social, recreational, educational and sporting activities. The use of the Hall by any person/organisation is at the discretion of the Committee, who reserve the right to refuse any booking at any time.

1.3 The Hall is owned by Great Ouseburn Parish Council, is registered as a charity, and is administered by the Committee and other volunteers who organise finance, bookings, maintenance etc

1.4 The Hall comprises 3 separate but connecting units; the Main Hall (approx 20mts X 10mts), the Committee Room (approx 10mts X 5mts), and the Club Room (10mts X 8mts), together with kitchen, changing rooms and toilet facilities. The Main Hall, the Committee Room, the Club Room, changing rooms and kitchen may all be hired independently.

1.5 The Main Hall has a seating capacity of 200 in “theatre style”, and a maximum capacity of 150 for dances, parties and similar functions. Use of chairs, tables and kitchen facilities is included in the hire charges.

1.6 There are separate toilet facilities for the disabled.

1.7 The Main Hall also has a well-equipped stage area, with high quality sound and lighting facilities. Usage of these facilities is not automatically included in a booking, and detailed requirement should be discussed when booking.

1.8 The Main Hall and Committee Room also have a tented marquee liner available for hire at an additional charge, which when erected gives the appearance of the interior of a marquee. Again, requirements should be discussed when booking.

1.9 The Club Room has a capacity of 60 persons, with tables and seating, a small servery, and access on to a verandah overlooking the Playing Field and surrounding countryside. 

1.10 The Hall is let to 1 person aged 21 years or over (the Hirer) who is personally responsible for all payments due, the conduct and safety of the event, and any damage, loss or breakages to the Hall and its contents.

1.11 The Committee is independent and neutral in all matters relating to social ethics, politics or religion. Nobody is to hold any public meeting, demonstration or rally in the Hall without the prior permission of the Committee.

1.12 Nobody is to display any material expressing social, political or religious views without the prior permission of the Committee.

1.13 The above rule is not intended to apply to material advertising social events held by social, political or religious organisations, open equally to members and non-members, whether or not an admission fee is to be charged.

1.14 The Committee reserves the right to cancel or terminate any booking that they feel to be contrary to the interests of the community. Deposits will be forfeit, and payment of the full charge may be sought if the Committee considers it had been misled as to the nature of the event.

1.15 Permission to hold charitable collections in the Hall should be obtained from the Committee prior to the event.


2. General Conduct of Hirers

2.1 Unsupervised children (under the age of 12) are not allowed in the kitchen.

2.2 Owing to the proximity of domestic residences, noise should be kept to a reasonable level at all times.

2.3 Nobody is to fight or cause a disturbance, or use violent and obscene language whilst in the hall, or bring any weapon of any sort into the Hall, without the prior permission of the Committee.

2.4 Nobody is to behave in the Hall in an obscene or indecent manner

2.5 Nobody is to enter the Hall unreasonably under the influence of alcohol or any other substances. 2.6 Smoking is forbidden in the Hall. There is a wall bin provided outside the premises.

2.7 Nobody is to bring any animal into the Hall without the prior consent of the Committee. The exception to this is guide/hearing dogs for sight or hearing-impaired persons.


3. Disabled Access

3.1 Ramp access is provided from the Car Park.

3.2 Disabled toilet facilities are in the reception area. 

3.3 There is easy wheelchair access to all ground floor areas.

3.4 There is a lift providing access to the Club Room


4. Insurance and Safety

4.1 The Committee does not take responsibility for the use of, or loss or damage to items brought on to the premises by the Hirer or others during the period of the hire.

4.2 The Hirer is responsible for any damage to the Hall or its contents, for their property and the property of others brought to the Hall and associated with their booking.

4.3 All electrical equipment in use in the Hall carries a current PAT certificate. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that all electrical equipment brought to the Hall on a one-off basis is in possession a valid PAT certificate, and to indemnify the Committee from any claims resulting from their failure to comply with this requirement.


5. Fire Regulations

5.1 The Hall complies fully with all relevant fire regulations.

5.2 An “Emergency Procedures” document is displayed on the notice board and a copy is available to download from the Village Hall website. It is the responsibility of all hirers to familiarise themselves with these procedures. 


6. Alcohol

6.1 The Hall is licensed for the sale of alcohol by the Committee. Drinks cannot be consumed outside the building, with the exception of the Club Room verandah.


7. Heating

7.1 Heating costs are included in the hire charges.

7.2 Adjustments may be made to the level of heating during the period of the hire, but the original settings must be re-set after use.


8. Cleanliness & Security

8.1 Every effort is made to ensure that the Hall is in a clean and tidy state before each booking.

8.2 Hirers are required to leave the Hall in a clean and tidy state, including the removal of all rubbish bags. Cleaning equipment, including brooms, mops, buckets etc, is provided. Additional charges may be made if special cleaning is required after the Hirer’s use of the premises. The use of powders and/or chemicals on the floor of the Hall is forbidden.

8.3 Chairs and tables must be returned to their original positions, and tables must be stored in the trolleys provided. Failure to comply with this may result in additional charges being made.

8.4 Kitchen equipment must be cleaned after use – materials for washing and drying are provided.

8.5 The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all windows and doors are secured, and all internal lights switched off when leaving the premises at the end of the hire period.


9. Bookings & Payment

9.1 Provisional bookings & initial enquiries may be made by telephone, or via the Village Hall website

9.2 Provisional bookings will be held for 10 days, within which time a fully completed Booking Form (together with the deposit, see 9.3 below) must be returned. NO booking will be deemed to be confirmed until the completed booking form has been received.

9.3 A minimum deposit of £40 is required at the time of booking. Deposits are only refundable in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Committee.

9.4 Affiliated organisations may request block bookings for up to 1 year ahead.

9.5 Bookings for one-off events may be made up to 2 years in advance.

9.6 Each year (in April) the Committee will assess the impact of block bookings on other potential users before agreeing to future arrangements.

9.7 The Hall is normally available for hire between 9am and midnight each day.

9.8 As the hall is a designated “Emergency Shelter” the committee reserves the right to cancel (at short notice) all bookings as necessary, during exceptional circumstances.


10. Hire Charges & Payment

10.1 Use of the Hall is charged by the hour or part hour, in accordance with the specified rate for the space used by the hirer. A minimum charge applies to Parties, Dances & similar events (see 10.2)

10.2 All current rates and hire charges are displayed on the hall notice board, & are available here

10.3 Affiliated organisations will be invoiced for their block bookings quarterly in arrears, with invoices due for prompt payment within 30 days.

10.4 All other hire charges must be paid in full in advance, 10 days before the conclusion of the event for which the premises are hired. Any payment in advance does not limit the Committee’s right to charge for additional hours of use, cleaning up and breakages, if appropriate.


11. Music & Drama

11.1 The Committee is subject to legal provisions governing the performance of live or recorded music and other material, where the performing and other rights of 3rd parties may be affected. We are licensed under the Licensing Act 2003 for entertainment

11.2 Nobody is to play musical instruments, sing, make readings, perform, or play the radio, television, record player, tape recorder, CD, DVD or any other device which plays music, unless they have declared their intention of doing so at the time of booking.


12. Storage

12.1 Nobody is to store any equipment, materials, food or drink in the Hall without the prior permission of the management Committee. Owners permitted to store equipment/materials in the Hall are responsible for ensuring that items are fully insured and stored safely and that no hazardous or noxious materials are stored.

12.2 Owners of play equipment stored in the Hall must maintain it in a safe condition and must ensure that it is put away at the end of a session.

12.3 The Committee reserves the right to remove/dispose of any equipment/materials stored in the Hall, where they consider them a danger to others, where they believe them to have been abandoned or where ownership is uncertain.

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